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As a former carer, Catherine has been running a coaching service for unpaid carers at her local Carers Centre in Hackney since 2011. In addition, Catherine has been working in the NHS, with local authorities and trade unions and across businesses within the third sector for over 30 years. 


Her principal areas of expertise are designing and implementing coaching/mentoring, inclusion and diversity programmes and leadership and management training, together with representing the patient and public voice in decision-making. 


Catherine is an advocate and campaigner for coaching for unpaid carers. She has published articles about her work which you can read here and here.


You can find out more about Catherine at



Katharine has lived experience of being a carer and has been coaching and counselling unpaid carers since 2014.  She has particular experience working with LGBTQ+ people and works in private practice alongside her role as co-director of Coaching for Unpaid Carers. She has published articles about her work which you can see here.Katharine also sits on the Coaching for Social Impact steering group.


You can find out more about Katharine at


Founding member

Jacqueline brings her experience of coaching leaders to support unpaid carers in leading themselves towards a more balanced, fulfilling life.  With over 25 years’ experience in senior management and consulting roles, Jacqueline has coached clients across the world from very different backgrounds. She is also a mentor for those leading change in their organisations and runs group workshops on reflective practice, unconscious bias, leading remote teams and managing change. 


Jacqueline works with a dementia care home to facilitate closer relationships between those living with dementia, both in the care home and in the community, and their family and friends.

You can find out more about Jacquline at


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Founding member

Angie has been a wellbeing and performance coach working in private practice and within organisations since 2011 and been providing pro-bono coaching for unpaid carers for several years. Until 2018 she was based within organisations in transformation roles and through these experiences has gained an understanding of the wide-ranging issues her clients faced with caring for others. 


Angie is an advocate of eco-coaching and encourages clients to take sessions outdoors. She has also written a pocketbook with quickfire tips on how to improve your wellbeing which you can find here. 

You can find out more about

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