I gained clarity and confidence, especially confidence. I have felt more able to get down to other things in my life and manage my time better. I found the coaching lifted my spirits in general and helped with my resilience in my caring roles.

The changes I was able to make were many and life-changing. The coaching stopped my decline and empowered me to take back control.

Very surprising and powerful. Through coaching I have gained the courage to go out and try to resume my life. Mentally I feel stronger to face my negative thoughts, and I feel I have come away with strategies on how to improve my way of life.

Coaching was an extremely valuable experience. My coach helped me get a long way towards achieving the short-term goals I set myself and reshape my longer-term ambitions from something frightening and remote into something achievable and exciting.

Coaching enabled me to bring out that confident, resilient, happy person that was hiding in a negative cloud.

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Our vision is a world where no-one need give up what's important to them to care for someone else.

Our mission is to coach unpaid carers to live a life they choose.


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