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Carers Rights Day 2022- the right to care for yourself too!

The theme of this year’s Carers Rights day is “Caring Costs”. The aim is to draw attention to all the different ways in which caring costs carers, whether it be a cost to their health and wellbeing, to their finances or careers, the quality of their relationships or quality of life.

It’s important that carers, whatever their circumstances, understand their rights and are able to access the support that is available to them as soon as they need it. However, we also know that sometimes the only support that is available is provided by ourselves. That’s why we decided to share with you some simple but effective tools and techniques that carers can use to look after themselves, when they are feeling the cost of caring. You can find this information by downloading the file below.

Self care for carers
Download DOCX • 3.34MB

By making self-care part of your daily routine, and by practising some of the things we describe, you can find ways to keep on top of not just what you do, but also how you think about what is happening in your life and deal more effectively with the costs that caring is having on you.

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