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Celebrate Carers Week 2020 with us!

Happy carers week everyone. All of us here at Coaching for Unpaid Carers either are or have been unpaid carers at some point in our life, which is why we really know how it important it is to take time for yourself as a carer, to work towards your own goals and to celebrate all the amazing caring work you do.

Life a as a carer can be stressful, and you often have more than your fair share to worry about- but constant stress and worry can really take it’s toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. At Coaching for Unpaid Carers we have worked with many stressed out carers. This Carers Week 2020 we want to share with you the first installment in our Stress Buster mini-series of coaching workshops. Join me, Katharine Collins, for a free coaching workshop, which you can access right here on our website in the 'Learn' section.

Not only that, but I will be offering free 15 minute coaching conversations to any carer who has watched the workshop and wants to find out more. Just call me up within one of my Open House sessions, from 10am until 11am, every Thursday.

We hope that you will learn, connect, and be inspired this Carers Week. We have an exciting and busy week planned (more to follow on that!) and we hope that you will learn, connect and be inspired this Carers Week.

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