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It's Carers Rights Day Again Already!

I can't believe it's Carers Rights Day already- and a whole year since our last post! Like many small organisations, the pandemic has presented us with unique challenges. And juggling our work with caring has been especially tricky- as many of you reading this will know for yourselves.

Despite all that, we have run some amazing projects this year and are really proud of what we have achieved. I write this as our London Catalyst funded project in Hackney and Tower Hamlets draws to a close. We were able to work with nearly 60 carers over the course of the year, and have received such lovely feedback that really demonstrates the impact of coaching and the coaching approach. We'll share more once we complete our project evaluation. We have a couple more projects in the pipeline too- so keep an eye out for an announcement coming soon about that.

With so much going on this year something had to give, and for us it was our publicity and social media presence- which was small to start with! We hope to be more active online in near future, but for now we are mostly doing things the 'old fashioned' way. We absolutely love getting emails and phone calls, so drop us a line if you want to connect.

Lastly, to mark Carers Right Day I want to re-post a video I made for Carers Rights Day last year, all about our Personal Bill of Rights. Check it out below.

Happy Carers Rights Day Carers. We hope you are all well, and feeling empowered by knowing your rights as a carer.

Best wishes from the Coaching for Unpaid Carers team

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