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What's it like to be coached?

We asked on of our coachees about their experience of coaching, and have gained her permission to share with you what she told us. We have changed her name and identifying details in order to protect her anonymity.

Rupinder is a 28 year old woman who works full time alongside caring for her mother who has multiple health conditions.

What did you want to achieve from coaching?

I wanted help to set goals which would help me return to work after a break and develop habits which will help me achieve a better work/life balance.

What sustainable changes do you feel you have been able to make?

With the help of coaching, I was able to create a new daily schedule for myself, develop a healthier sleep routine, start exercising regularly and create a healthier work/life balance overall. I also developed a more positive way of speaking with myself when it comes to habit formation/goal setting, and I am not so hard on myself when things don't go as planned.

What was the most important thing you gained or learned from the coaching?

That I can trust my own judgement, and that I am able to support myself and find solutions to my problems if I take the time to reflect on my situation. I don't need to push myself so harshly to make progress.

What do these changes mean to you? What impact have these changes had on your life so far?

I think that the lessons I have learnt will stay with me for the rest of my life. I think it's hard to imagine the magnitude of the impact it would have on my life in the near and distant future, but so far it has helped me make positive changes to my life that I haven't been able to make despite many efforts over the years. But the biggest change is in the way I think about myself and my goals, which has had an enormously positive impact on my mental health. I had suffered from burnout several months before coaching, and I feel that the coaching I have received forms a big part of my recovery from that.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience of coaching?

I am infinitely grateful for my coach. The work we did together over just a few weeks has had such a massive positive impact on my life and my self-confidence. And I am grateful for Coaching for Unpaid Carers for providing this service at no cost to us, this is an opportunity that I wouldn't have had access to otherwise and it has really helped me so much. I was really touched that this help was available to me at a time that I needed it most. Thank you thank you.

End of interview.

Well done to Rupinder for making these changes- she's an inspiration! And we are so grateful to her for allowing us to share her words with you.

If you are feeling inspired too, get in touch to find out more about 1-2-1 coaching with us!

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